Refund policy

If you’re not happy with your purchase you have 14 days to send us the purchased AREIA order back.


If you wish to cancel and return your order, please put a copy of the invoice together with the shipment. 

Please inform us why you want to cancel or return your order. AREIA will give you a refund of all amounts paid to AREIA within 14 days the item(s) have been received by us. The refund will include the costs for standard shipping if the entire order is returned. Please note: we are not responsible for the shipping costs of your return. Your refund will be issued through the same means of payment used during the purchase.

Returned items should be returned in their original AREIA packaging. Please note that if the returned item has decreased in value, for reasons other than to carefully determine whether the item fits, for instance when the item has been used, then you are liable for such decrease in value.  

When your item is delivered faulty or damaged please notify us within 48 hours from date of receipt. You can send us an email to We will contact you about the return policy.